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Although it is often referred to as “alternative farming,” Dispensary Flower Farming is actually a more traditional form of agriculture than much of modern-day farming. Learn more about the defining features of organic farming, how it’s practiced, and what it means to be “certified organic.”

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There is no universally accepted definition of organic farming, but most major agricultural organizations consider it to be a specific production system that aims to avoid the use of synthetic and harmful pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines state that farmers use agricultural methods that preserve the environment and avoid synthetic farming and agricultural materials.

Our Discovery

Organic farming methods accord with the four basic principles that reveal their essence: health, ecology, fairness, and care. They are the driving force of the concept, interrelating and enhancing each other. For instance, pesticides used in organic farming spare the ecology and do not evoke side effects in living beings, promoting health.

The principle of health in organic farming suggests avoiding dangerous chemicals leaving poisonous residues that have a negative impact on multiple levels, affecting microscopic soil organisms, crops, animals, and humans. Expanding the common saying to agriculture, we can state that healthy soil produces healthy crops, and healthy crops foster a sound mind in a sound body – with good immunity, regeneration properties, and no disease suffered.

Our Mission

The principle of fairness in organic farming advocates a decent and respectful attitude to all participants of the business: farmers, suppliers, traders, consumers. It promotes appropriate working and living conditions and supports people’s needs for sufficient supplies of quality food products.

Fairness in farming also suggests providing proper feeding and environment for livestock and cattle responding to their physiology. Pricing policies should be justified and affordable.

Even though innovations may prove efficient, the organic farming followers prefer traditional methods of agriculture validated by time. Nowadays, they combine common sense, reliable knowledge, applicable novelties, and indigenous experience dating back to the pre-chemical age.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

“We want all of those critters — everything from bacteria to fungi to nematodes to arthropods (bugs) — we want the maximum number and diversity of those organisms, because those release nutrients that then the plant picks up,” 

Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer

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